Custom Music Box Information

Custom Tunes
Are you a composer? Or is there a special tune from your life which you would like to see immortalized on a musical box cylinder? Herz Music Box Company can take your score and place it on a cylinder just for you; truly a one-of-a-kind gift or memento. Click here for a full discussion of how to do it.

Custom Configuration

The Herz musical box movement can be presented in any configuration, whether traditional or novel. From adding music to a traditional grandfather clock, to bringing music and motion to a modern sculpture, I am ready to work with you to create your vision of mechanical music.

Restoration Services

 This workshop is one of the few in the country capable of producing every component of an antique musical box in-house. From custom cut gears, to comb sections and even entire combs, we are able to conduct all aspects of cylinder box restoration work, including cleaning, re-tuning, cylinder repinning, and governor work.  Please contact me for more information.

Cylinder Repinning

Herz Music Box has the only automated cylinder repinning machine in the country. For accurate, reliable work with a fast turn around time, call me with your needs.