The Herz musical box  has a 13 inch long cylinder. My first offering features an eight tune program playing on 92 tuned steel teeth. The program is operatic, featuring airs from I Trovatore, Don Pasquale, and others, including a two part rendition of the Overture for Willam Tell.

ALL of the components of the Herz box are made in my workshop. The steel comb, the clockworks, all the gears, the mainsprings, all are made in our shop where we are able to create precise reproductions of the look, feel, and sound of traditional instruments. Even most of the screws are made in our shop to match the distinctive appearance of 19th century craftsmanship.

I am working on additional programs, including a 12 tune program of popular music of the 1870s and a 6 tune Sublime Harmonie format. Look for additional musical box styles in the future including an interchangeable cylinder format.

Custom tunes and options can be arranged. Please see my custom service information page. If you are interested in ordering a Herz musical box, there are many available options. Customers can choose among the following:

Model: HMBC 8/92

Musical Program –  Eight operatic airs:

  1. Il Trovatore Duetto – G. Verdi (1853)
  2. Don Pasquale Serenade – G. Donizetti. (1843)
  3. Faust Soldiers Chorus – C. Gounod, (1859)
  4. I Puritani – V. Bellini (1835),
  5. II Trovatore Miserere
  6. La Fille du Régiment Pas Redouble G. Donizetti (1840)
  7. Guillaume Tell, Overture pt. #1, G. Rossini (1829)
  8. Guillaume Tell – Overture pt. #2, Finale

Model: HMBC 12/62 – Photographs Coming Soon

8/92 Musical Program – 12 Popular Tunes:

  1. H.M.S. Pinafore, Opening Chorus – A. Sullivan (1878)
  2. Corn Flower Waltz – Charles Coote (1879)
  3. Rule Britannia! –  Thos. Arne (1740)
  4. Hush Don’t Make a Noise Or Else You’ll Wake the Baby – B. Silent  (1877)
  5. Here’s to the Maiden of Bashfull Fifteen, from The School for Scandal – R. B. Sheridan (1777)
  6. Come Back to Erin – Claribel Barnard
  7. White Blossoms Song – A.P. Graves
  8. My Heart’s Best Love – W. H. Brockway (1874)
  9. Let Erin Remember the Days of Old – Thomas Moore
  10. I’ll be Watching for You at the Window – C. Pyke (1877)
  11. Oh What Shall be my Song Tonight
  12. Sweethearts Waltz – D’Albert


The customer has several choices of cases for their instrument. A simple case with hinged lid but fixed glass inner cover is the least expensive choice. A traditional case, including veneered lid with marquetry design and ebonized interior is also available. I have a number of beautiful traditional marquetry pictures and patterns to choose from. These change with availability. For additional cost, a custom design, or even your own picture, copied from a photograph but rendered in rare woods of different hues can be created. In keeping with the philosophy of  faithful recreation of 19th century design, I have perfected the art of the “faux” rosewood finish generally found on period musical box cases. We have many different rare wood veneers available for the lid and, if desired, for the outside of the case as well, including Sapele, Teak, Kingwood, Walnut, and a limited supply of rare Brazilian Rosewood. Other species can be obtained. Many different types of inlaid banding are possible.

Optional Features

Nickel Plating
Some parts of the mechanism, particularly those touched by the operator, were traditionally nickel-plated. Plating is available as desired.

Tune Indicator

Which tune are you hearing? If you wish, an indicator, with engraved numbers, can be added. A clock hand indicates the current tune number.

Many other custom options are available, whether a reproduction of a traditional feature of the creation of something entirely new, I can make your musical box a unique reflection of your tastes and budget.