Purchasing a Herz  musical box

Most often, Herz musical boxes are made to order so that the customer can select which musical program and features he wishes. I do sometimes have completed boxes available for immediate purchase however. Prices start at $7385 for a 12 tune movement in a simple cherry case. Click 2022 pricelist to download my current price list.

A 50% deposit is required when the order is placed. I will give you an estimated completion date at that time. Typically, three to six months are required. The balance is due on completion.

Many of my customers request custom tunes. For a single, simple, short tune, the best option is often to start with a commercial music box movement and modify it to play the custom tune, but for a fully arranged composition of more than 40 seconds and/or multiple longer pieces, a custom program on a Herz movement is the only choice. please see Custom Tunes  for a full discussion of your options.

The Herz musical box movement can be presented in any configuration, whether traditional or novel. From custom case cabinetry, to adding music to a traditional grandfather clock, to bringing music and motion to a modern sculpture, I am ready to work with you to create your vision of mechanical music. Please Contact me for more information.